Dec 18, 2009


Now you have to Choose one of the possibilities:
1) In the winter.
2) All around the year.
The world population can be divided between these two categories.
To which one do you belong?
This introduction is because i participated in a swap that was titled
"soup recipes". we had to share three recipes in some sort of a folder.
I've decided to put my recipes in a ring binder, and to make it in a shape
of a soup tureen.
Looking at the soup tureen that i inherited from my aunty Fela,
i drew a sketch, copied it on a recycled chipboard and coverd it with
a designed paper.

On the inner side of the front cover i've used a "stamendous" stamp
from the kitchen set , adding the name of the friend that it was sent to.


On the inner side of the back cover i've used a UNITY stamp from sep' KOM.

I made some inner recipes papers in a shape of the soup tureen,
but without  the lid.

I added a tag that i've stamped with another UNITY stamp from the FOLK INSPIRED set, and colored it with watercolour pencils, using a water brush.  

Since we were dealing with soup recipes, i added a package of "osem soup almonds" which is an israeli product, and is a must in the israeli kitchen when you are eating your soup .
and that is why  i warmly recommend it !
THANK YOU for stopping by and visiting my stage !