Dec 18, 2009


Now you have to Choose one of the possibilities:
1) In the winter.
2) All around the year.
The world population can be divided between these two categories.
To which one do you belong?
This introduction is because i participated in a swap that was titled
"soup recipes". we had to share three recipes in some sort of a folder.
I've decided to put my recipes in a ring binder, and to make it in a shape
of a soup tureen.
Looking at the soup tureen that i inherited from my aunty Fela,
i drew a sketch, copied it on a recycled chipboard and coverd it with
a designed paper.

On the inner side of the front cover i've used a "stamendous" stamp
from the kitchen set , adding the name of the friend that it was sent to.


On the inner side of the back cover i've used a UNITY stamp from sep' KOM.

I made some inner recipes papers in a shape of the soup tureen,
but without  the lid.

I added a tag that i've stamped with another UNITY stamp from the FOLK INSPIRED set, and colored it with watercolour pencils, using a water brush.  

Since we were dealing with soup recipes, i added a package of "osem soup almonds" which is an israeli product, and is a must in the israeli kitchen when you are eating your soup .
and that is why  i warmly recommend it !
THANK YOU for stopping by and visiting my stage !


tamari* said...

thank you for posting:]
מרקיה מדליקה!!

tamari* said...

thank you for posting:]
מרקיה מדליקה!!

ANAT S said...

יקירה מגיע לך גם פה פרגון גדול על המרקיה היפהפיה הזו.
כל הכבוד

~~Audrey~~ said...

Luv your teapot project. Lovely tag too.

JazzyH said...


stampjourney said...

Very nice! Love the shaped book!

Stephanie said...

Wow! Great projects! Love your teapot and the tag is adorable!

Donna said...

Absolutely gorgeous and stunning creations...LOVE them!! Xx

Itzuvit said...

אין לי ברירה.
אני אגיב גם פה כי זה פשוט מדהים!
רעיון וביצוע משגעים !!!
עושה לי חשק למרק חם....

the whimsical butterfly said...

Oh how stinkin' cute!! LOVE this board book! Have a Merry Christmas and see you "next year" for the first FWF of 2010!

FibreJunky said...

So beautiful!! I love the bookmark - and now I'm hungry for soup. I'd love to know the recipe, if you'd like to share.

Yaffit said...

היי מימי,
כתבתי גם בפורום. הרעיון והביצוע מקסימים!!!!!

Dawn K. said...

these are absolutely adorable!!

Jen said...

What a fabulous shape for recipes...a soup tureen...luv it! Great ideas and inspiration...thank you for sharing!

KmoRakefet said...

אדיר....יפייפה. אגב את ה-FOLK INSPIRED לא מצאתי ביוניטי אבל העבודות מהממות !!!

dclouser said...

Such an adorable soup tureen recipe book!

Jenny said...

נו, איך אפשר שלא להגיב גם כאן? זה פשוט משגע! האיש יושב לידי ומתלהב ביחד איתי!